On being a part, playing a part and my closing thanks from The Globe Theatre

On being a part, playing a part at The Globe (Theatre). As a final gathering of friends, newer friends who somehow with time and space become old friends, such that you feel like you’ve known them forever.

A while ago I watched this Ted Talk by Philippe Starke on Design and destiny. One proposition he made struck me more than any others when he said…

“No one is obliged to be a genius, but we are all obliged to participate…”

In short, we are a part, playing a part, at and in The Globe…IMG_4771

And as we are in society, and as we are part of community, we are “not obliged to be a genius, but we are obliged to participate…to shine


as a bulb with wings.

And if you are ever so lucky to run into strangers, who give you the space…to play your part in their lives…







So…what would I say to 2014-2015, my year as a Student Ambassador for London Universities…

To my fellow ambassadors, KD, the UCL IOE who sponsored my nomination, my humble thanks… for the introductions, for the coffee and the cake, for the relentless laughter and forever friendships, for letting me in on the secret joys of walking through parks holding hands and singing out of tune, for having me over for dinner, for having me down for coffee talk, for allowing me to wander but never feel lost.

But mostly, thanks for always being Free, and in being so, offering me such space to remember how important saying ‘YES’ when Lady Luck calls your name!

My Love and Very Best,



“To transform the world, we must begin with ourselves; and what is important in beginning with ourselves is the intention. The intention must be to understand ourselves and not to leave it to others to transform themselves or to bring about a modified change through revolution, either of the left or of the right. It is important to understand that this is our responsibility, yours and mine…”
Jiddu Krishnamurti


An open thank you letter to my parents

Dear Mom and Pop,

I am writing this at a little desk, in the centrality of London, watching the clouds float by in the cool summer sun. I have so much to thank you for. A thousand times over, you have given more than anyone could expect, certainly more than I ever dreamed for.

Thank you for the countless number of times you told me to Try. Thank you for the endless motivational talks in the car on the way to bowling Saturday mornings. Thank you for the innumerable times you told me, the key, is just to believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself, you’d say. That’s not something, that’s the only thing you’d say. Thank you for trusting me with money. Thank you for allowing me the chance to buy tons of pencils and erasers and a new backpack at the start of every school year, even though I didn’t need anything new, you never second guessed my choices. Thank you for driving me to tennis Saturday afternoons, just so I could hit forehands and backhands. Thank you for believing me when I said I’d really REALLY like to go to Stanford. Thank you for making me fill out all my college applications by myself. Thank you for giving me endless opportunities to write. Thank you for reminding me that stuff is only worth as much as you believe it to be, but values, values are invaluable. Thank you for the space I asked for. Thank you for allowing me to fail, reminding me tomorrow will come to try again, and believing I would make it ‘next time’. Thank you for the sun chips and Gatorade at soccer practice. Thank you for supporting my crazy ideas, like the time I told you I wanted to do a dramatic reading of Hamlets Sonnets in class, dressed in pyjamas. Thank you for being at every one of my graduations. Thank you for remembering me, for the Starbucks gift cards, the boxes of trail mix and mango slices. Thank you for helping me move. And move again. And again. Thank you for being there when I left the US for England. Thank you for being there when I came back to visit. Thank you for always having a place in your home for me. Thank you for reminding me that Love is more important than words and way more important than accomplishments and achievements and the list of things I ‘have’ to do in my lifetime. Thank you for keeping the way I am at the centre of who I am. Thank you for the freedom, the unknown amounts of freedom from which you allowed me to feel and think and be and become. That has called me up the coast of California, across the US and for now, across the Atlantic Ocean. All the while, thank you, for staying so true to yourselves…it has meant everything to who I am, how I am and who I believe in becoming.

Without all this, and more, I would not have known the courage to pursue my dreams and reach beyond my known knowns to the unknown of other cities, other states, other countries, and, my own other world.

My thanks.