Taking a Holiday Home.

I know, it’s crazy, but I feel inspired to talk holidays and travel. After all, the world goes spinning on and oh what a delight it is to be moving on such an adventure!

Step 1: Please, take a Holiday.

It isn’t about being cliche or cute or whatever. It’s about balance. It’s about harmony. It’s about not having to always be ‘On’ 24/7/365. Travel has taught me,well, everything I know beyond the really amazing home I grew up in. I just kind of sort of wanted to keep that going throughout my life. I wanted to create that sense of goodness and wellbeing always. This always wanting to feel those same amazing feelings I had as a kid meant I’d have to keep learning, keep appreciating, keep journeying and keep constantly inspired by exploring the world. So I did.  Along the way I learned a lot of new, and sometimes, not so knew ideas. One of the most important ideas I’ve encountered so far is sometimes, doing nothing, is the greatest self-gift anyone could ask for.

Step 2: Early on…

Early on I was hesitant to travel. Now, you might think it’s funny that I left the US for London with this great spirit of adventure. The great spirit of adventure soon faced self-created realities of coffee talks and river walks. Alongside being a student and balancing finances was and is this constant sense that there is still more to see and do and I can do it, so I should…I must…lest I miss out…oh, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), how I appreciate thee.

Even with FOMO, part of harmony for me is being able to travel when the chance arises. Many times, it is my friends who are staying in nice spaces in exotic places. From time to time they will invite me along. Sometimes it is to share a room, a couch, whatever…I’M SO THERE! Other times I pull up a seat outside a coffee shop and hang out with people I’ve known from 5 minutes to 5 years. Always, for me, moving from space to space and place to place is not only part of how I learn, it is part of who I am. I Love gathering the fruits and veggies of people and place and space. This seems almost engrained in me. From early early on in my life I knew I would be nomadic. I was never done, never finished and never bored. But that is another more introvert-like tale for another day. HERE, I am sharing just a bit of what I’ve been able to see/do since leaving jolly ol’ England on 06 December…

Step 3: Create your own end-of-term date

For me, school term closed a week early. I boarded a tube to Heathrow Terminal 5, boarded a plane to San Diego, California. Then a train and then an a plane and finally an automobile. By and by I watched the singing and the dancing and the festivities unfold. Landing I quickly moved into my parent’s home. From home I gathered my things together to take a train ride up the California Coast to San Francisco. From San Francisco I went back to San Diego and drove up to Palm Springs than over to Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles. I wasn’t in a hurry. I was slowing down. I was stopping for coffee. I was stopping for good meals. I was stopping for restoration. I was starting to feel restored.

Step 4: Restoration

Restoration takes guts. It isn’t glorious to call a ‘time-out’. It isn’t some great epiphany of knowledge to learn and know, right now feels like a good time to take a break. I know. But I Love that I know myself well enough to stop when I feel I should. I feel a lot. I think, like a lot of people in my position, from the moment my eyes open til the moment I fall asleep. In between I am trying to think through some cool stuff and not so cool stuff. But always, always, always, I am harmonising efforting and doing with quieting and attending to my internal happy-meter. Travel is restorative. Travel is like active yoga, you discern and do but you don’t worry about it…you just go.

Step 5: Settling in and settling down

If I can take a second to make a request, it would be this. Please, from time to time, Turn Off. Turn off the TV, the cell-phone, the pagers (I know it’s 2014 but pagers are coming back…I can feel it). Turn off the lights, turn off the talking. Turn off the doing. Turn off. Turn off the crazy, turn off the bombardment of more and more and more. Turn off trying to grow the number of things that can be accomplished in a single hour. Turn off the number of life-achievements you keep trying to add to your already impressive collection of good vibes. Turn off the want. Turn off the conditional need to accumulate without knowing why you are doing so. And I ask this because, as I have traveled, and as I have accumulated memories and trinkets and friendships and lovers and knowledge and all these things…I have learned…Step 6.

Step 6:

“We are all just walking each other home.” -Ram Dass

PS- Some pictures from my travels!!!

IMG_3705 IMG_3703 IMG_3658 IMG_3631

With Love and Appreciation,



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